Sunday, 2 November 2014

Jane the Virgin

This is a new TV show and I must say I really like it. It is based on a Venezuelan telenovela and I love that they sometimes argue in Spanish. The show follows a very religious and hardworking woman, who wants to get married before having sex. Then some unforeseen events happen, like being accidentally artificially inseminated. I will include a link to the trailer but beware, the extended trailer is quite long and it might make you feel that you know everything that is going the happen in the entire series (but it is basically a summary of the first episode). If you don't want that maybe you should just start with watching the first episode.
I did not think I would enjoy it this much, but Jane the Virgin is easy to watch and puts your mind off of other things. It also has on original plot and insane things just keep happening to Jane. Things you not always see coming. It is a fresh concept and it is like a new breeze which hopefully will last a while. And Gina Rodriguez is doing a fantastic job playing the lead character Jane, just one more reason to watch this show!

If I have to describe this show in one word it would be cute! And so far I definitely recommend it, track that show!
This trailer is not the extended version so this one does not contain a lot of spoilers. Enjoy!

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