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I am Lynn and I have a passion for books, movies and television shows. So I’ve decided to blog about my passions. I’m Belgian, in my twenties and currently studying English and Spanish linguistics and literature at the university of Ghent. Dutch is my native language but I prefer reading in English. I like most genres and I’m willing to explore them all. Fantasy, young adult, chick lit, historical fiction, classics, and other genres can be found on this blog. I also love to travel, so once in a while some random posts will show up with some holiday pictures (see Fun page).

Alright, I lied, my name is actually spelled Lien but pronounced the same way as Lynn.

Never hesitate to contact me, I would love to answer your questions or chat about anything really.

I hope you will enjoy this blog!

E-mail: lynnsfilmandbookreview@outlook.com

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  1. I like Lien - I think it's quite unique but Lynn's good too. nice to meet you.

    have a lovely day.