About Me


I am Lynn and I have a passion for books, films and television shows. So I’ve decided to blog about my favourite things. I’m Belgian, in my twenties and I teach English and Spanish. Dutch is my native language but I prefer reading in English. I like most genres and I’m willing to explore them all. Fantasy, literary fiction, romance, historical fiction, classics, and other genres can be found on this blog. 

Alright, I lied, my name is actually spelled Lien but pronounced the same way as Lynn.

Never hesitate to contact me, I would love to answer your questions or chat about anything really.

E-mail: lynnsfilmandbookreview@outlook.com

Review policy

I like reviewing books and I would love to review more if I have the time.

Use my e-mail to request a review, otherwise I will not reply.

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  1. I like Lien - I think it's quite unique but Lynn's good too. nice to meet you.

    have a lovely day.