Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Review: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is about a lady detective in 1920s Melbourne. You can watch the trailer of the first season here. Phryne Fisher is quite a feminist figure and does not let anything stop her from getting what she wants. Each episode follows Miss Fisher solving a murder, as is probably evident from the title. The series sets itself apart from other murder mysteries by the choice of a female detective in 1920s, Australia. I really found that refreshing as I haven't seen many series set in Australia and the time period is really interesting and has not been explored a lot in television. Miss Fisher's costumes alone are worth watching the show! They are incredible! 

Even though they definitely remind you of the 1920s, the clothes would look stunning on women in this day and age as well! It is not surprising then, that there was an exhibition in Australia solely focused on the costumes worn in this series! I for one, would have really liked to see that!

The main cast consists primarily of four amazing characters, starting with Miss Fisher, of course. In the first episode we are introduced to most of the recurring characters. Miss Fisher's helps out a maid accused of murder and hires her as a companion.  

Dorothy Williams, nicknamed Dot, is a catholic girl who has to overcome a lot of her fears and assumptions in order to work for Miss Fisher. However, the two form a band of friendship that will remain throughout the series. Whereas Phryne is outgoing, Dot lacks confidence but the characters develop nicely throughout the seasons.

On her first case, Phryne Fisher comes into contact with detective inspector Jack Robinson. She worms her way into his investigation, but not without Jack's attempts to prevent this. They quickly become a team solving the murders on the show, as Jack reluctantly lets her in on his investigations as it would take a lot of time and effort to keep her out of it. 

Their chemistry cannot be denied however at the beginning of the show, Jack is married and Phryne is portrayed as a modern woman, who enjoys the pleasures of being with men while not wanting to form a permanent attachment to anyone. Jack is a man with more traditional views and finds it sometimes hard to cope with Miss Fisher. Just like for example Booth and Bones, Phryne and Jack have a sort of will they, won't they? relationship that lasts throughout the entire three seasons.

The main cast is completed by constable Hugh Collins. A gullible police officer who works with Inspector Detective Jack Robinson. It is usually through Collins that Miss Fisher is able to find out more about the case. Hugh and Dot develop a slow burning relationship that can only be described as cute! All the romantic relationships in the show are slowly developed which is exactly how I like it! All the characters are so loveable that this is one of my favourite feel-good shows, even though it usually involves murder.

Other colourful characters are Cec and Bert, Mr. Butler, Dr. Mac and Phryne's aunt Prudence. Aunt Prudence is played by the amazing Miriam Margolyes. Prudence is a rich woman who is almost always offended by Phryne's sleuthing as it is not how a lady is supposed to behave. Her often indignant countenance towards everything makes for great comic relief. 

I absolutely LOVE this show! I'm so sad I don't have any new episodes to watch especially because it's not clear if we are going to get more Miss Fisher as the show has not been officially cancelled nor has it been renewed. There has been some talk of a movie and a fourth season but nothing has been confirmed. I really hope Miss Fisher continues! The show has stolen my heart and I already miss the characters very much! I NEED MORE!

The characters, the fashion, the music, the relationships, the mood, just everything fits perfectly in this show. Go watch it right now!

Have you seen Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries? Or are you planning to? Leave a comment down below!

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