Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Review: Beauty and the Beast

I went to see the new live action Beauty and the Beast film this month and I have only one word to describe the experience: wonderful!

We all know the story, we all know the characters, we all know the songs because it's a tale as old as time. Still we all want to see the live action film even though it changes almost nothing from the original Disney film.

One major change however, were the hints of a homosexual character which I really appreciated. Disney is slowly moving away from their traditional views, although they can still do a lot better.

The cast well well chosen. Emma Watson is enthralling as Belle and while Dan Stevens is great as the Beast, Emma definitely steals the show. The supporting cast is incredible and the costumes are divine.

I watched this in 3D as that was the only option at the time. There weren't many 3D effects in the film, so I would recommend just to go see the regular version because those two effects aren't worth the extra money.

Why should you go watch this remake of Beauty and Beast? Because it's the perfect nostalgic experience which will most likely make you cry. 

And because I both review books and movies on this blog, I couldn"t help but mention the amazing library! It was amazing in the animation film but it just as wonderful in this new adaptation. 

Sooo, to sum up, I really enjoyed this film, I'll probably buy it as soon as it is available on DVD and I highly recommend this Disney remake with all my heart. Other Disney remakes have been absolute rubbish, but this one is a gem! Don't miss out on it!

Have you seen this movie? Or are you planning to? Leave your thoughts down below!

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