Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I have to keep track of so many TV shows that I often have trouble remembering the last episode I watched of a certain show. So one day my friend introduced me to Sidereel. A website you can use to track your shows and mark the episodes you've watched. It is a very handy tool. Another advantage is that you can include your own time zone. As I do not live in the U.S. but love a number of American TV shows my tracker on Sidereel will tell me when I can actually watch the series online instead of the day it aired in the U.S.

picture of a sidereel tracker
(not mine)

It also informs you when shows are cancelled or renewed (or picked up by another medium like what happened with 'Community'). It is very helpful website and has made my life easier.

If you follow quite a lot of TV shows this site is really a must!
Link to the website.

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