Monday, 18 September 2017

6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming

Why should you go watch another Spider-Man movie? There are already so many of them out there! Why is this one different? That's exactly what I asked myself before watching this movie and here are the answers! I prepared this post a while ago, so I'm going to keep this brief:

- Peter Parker actually looks his age

I have never read any of the Spiderman comics but I do hair this is a more faithful portrayal, I do feel the previous Spidermen did not really look the age implied, as did the rest of the cast.

- Great Humour

This was by far the most funny Spiderman movie I've ever seen (granted I haven't seen all of them yet)!

Example: I lost an electron T-shirt

- Iron Man pops up

You can never go wrong with Robert Downey Jr.

- Peter makes teenager mistakes

He messes up, but he does learn from his mistakes. I feel it's quite refreshing seeing a superhero struggle from time to time and actually make mistakes.

- Good action scenes

Really enjoyed the action scenes. His suit is awesome!

- Good music

I mean, Blitzkrieg Bop anyone?!

All in all, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a really entertaining film, which you should go see if you even mediocrely like superhero movies.

I tried to be brief and to the point in this review. Let me know if you liked this style or if you prefer more details for future movie reviews.

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