Friday, 15 September 2017

Review: Don't Stop Me Now By Colleen Coleman

A hilarious feel good read about finding your feet when life pulls the rug out from under you. 

Poppy Bloom has a Life Plan: PhD in psychology, research job at her university, and a life of domestic bliss with handsome boyfriend Gregory. 

But then she finishes her PhD with no job offer, no relationship, and nowhere to live. Being unemployed and living back at her mum’s house in her vampire-themed childhood bedroom was definitely not the plan. 

Poppy is back to square one and miserable, so when she runs into childhood friend Leanne she jumps at the opportunity to catch up. The chance to run into Leanne’s gorgeous brother Tom is just a bonus… 

Soon Poppy’s scored an internship at a radio station, a boyfriend, and a whole netball team of friends: things are on the up. 

But life has a way of tripping you up when you least expect it, and Poppy soon has to decide where her priorities lie… With new friends, a new career and a new romance, can Poppy keep everyone happy, or is everything about to tumble down around her? 

A laugh-out-loud story about friendship, second chances, and new love, perfect for fans of Lindsey Kelk, Marian Keyes and Jane Costello.

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I got an arc from the publisher Bookouture through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. However, since I was a very new member of Netgalley, I did not realize I should have downloaded this book right away before the archive date. Therefore, I had to buy the e-book in order to review this book.

There is one thing you definitely need to know before starting this book: this is not a romance!

Things I liked about Don't Stop Me Now:

- I liked that the focus of the book was on Poppy's career even though I at first mistakenly believed this was going to be a romance.

- I could recognize myself in Poppy in the ways she can be shy and has to overcome her own anxieties for example to talk to other people or take big steps. That really resonated with me.

- I liked the positive message in the book that failure is not the end and even better things can come along. I have failed many things in life but I always land back on my feet after a while.

- I love the female friendships in this book! I feel most books or movies portray women rather as rivals than as friends and this was certainly not the case in Don't Stop Me Now. I do wish her teammates were more fleshed and I would have enjoyed more focus on these relationships as well.

Things I didn't like:

- Poppy's relationship with Tom is not well developed. Out of a sudden, they're an established couple, which feels a lot like insta love. This annoyed me to no end. I love slow paced romances and this did not feel like a romance at all.

- Some decisions Poppy made were obviously not well thought through and quite hurtful to others. She's such a smart person but I feel those "bad" decisions were there only to further the plot. 

- The plot is kind of predictable.

All in all, I did enjoy this book and gave it 3 stars. If you are looking for a fun, quick read, you should definitely pick this up! I would describe the genre as women's fiction because it's not a romance. Looking forward to read more of Colleen Coleman's books in the future!

Have you read this book or are you planning to? Leave your thoughts down below!
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