Sunday, 7 April 2019

Sunday Post #59

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Easter break is here! I'm so happy to have time to read again! I also bought a lot of books this week, which you will see pop up on my Instagram feed and future book hauls.

I went to Facts (Flemish Comic Con) yesterday and it was fun but I'm starting to get a little bit bored at these conventions, especially if the panels are not entertaining. The only highlight was the Q&A of Jason Isaacs, all the others were so boring one of my friends fell asleep.

Blog and books

I've just finished Dance of Thieves, I did like the ending a lot, so I will read the sequel as well. I also read Starry Eyes this week which was fun!

Movies and TV Shows

I'm still watching Santa Clarita Diet and I watched Rain Man again, I've seen it multiple times before but I didn't remember much and it was fun to watch it again.

What did you read or watch recently?

As always please leave some recommendations on what I should read or watch next! 

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Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Ooh Facts sounds fun, even if the panels were a little boring. I get bored at panels sometimes soon, unless they have something REALLY interesting to share (which often isn't the case). A lot of times I end up just cruising the exhibit hall lol!

    Have a great Easter break!

    I've started The Order but I'm only twp episodes in, so the jury's still out on how good it will be I guess.

    1. Thanks! It was fun, especially going there with a group of friends!
      The Order sounds interesting! Let me know your final thoughts!

  2. I'm watching Santa Clarita Diet too!

    1. I've got only one episode left, how is this over already?

  3. Ooh! I need to start watching Santa Clarita Diet!

  4. Santa Clarita Diet is such a fun show. I plan to catch up soon. The Order is okay and I'll probably keep going with it. Waiting on Game Of Thrones!

    My Sunday Post

    1. Really enjoying Santa Clarita Diet, the characters are so intriguing they always make me want to watch more.
      Excited to watch Game of Thrones as well!