Wednesday, 10 January 2018

My Bookish New Year's Resolutions

Better late than never, right? Since I have exams this month, I won't be able to post a lot but you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads to have some updates. These are my New Year's resolutions.

1. Goodreads challenge

I talked about this before but my Goodreads goal is to read 30 books (I hope to read way more but I don't want to feel pressured).

2. Read the Backlist Challenge

This is the first time I am participating in a challenge and I'm really enjoying it so far. I want to read the books that have been on my shelves forever like Vicious, Ready Player-One, The Bookthief and Fangirl. I say this every year but it never happens. This year will hopefully be different! I'm proud to be a Dewey Dragon, by the way!

3. Read 5 books over 500 pages long.

4. Read at least 5 adult fantasy books

5. Read at least 3 classics

6. Read at least 5 literary fiction books

7. Don't buy too many books when I don't have the space to store them

This is becoming a real problem. My shelves are too full and I have no space to add another bookshelf. A booklover's life is difficult!

8. Write at least 100 blogposts. 

I almost got there last year (94 blogposts) but my teaching practice schedule was insane (I basically did it in one semester but ideally it is spread over two) and I wasn't able to blog and read as much as I wanted.

9. Catch up on my Netgalley reads.

I now have 20 books approved and still need to read and review five of them. My current ratio is 75% which is not bad but I want to read the others before I request new books. The only problem with this is that I can't access most of these any longer and they are long overdue. I feel bad that I haven't read them yet.

10. Be more active in the book community!

I love this community and I feel like I'm doing better now that I have Twitter, Instagram and I am participating in a challenge, but I like to be even more active. The problem is, I don't really know where to start.

Which bookish resolutions do you have? Leave your thoughts down below!


  1. I'm glad I don't read ARCs! I see people ending up tied in knots requesting a pile then running out of time to read them! I have enough trouble trying to get through my own books!

    1. I agree! I was misinformed by my friend on how Netgalley works, but I won't make that mistake twice!

  2. Your bookish resolutions are great! 30 books is a great number of books to read, especially when your busy. Number 9 is a awesome resolution! I need my percentage up. :)

  3. These are great! I probably already have too many goals right now but I also wanna read more adult fantasy books because I just love the genre so much. Any recommendations? :D

    1. Thanks! I haven't read too many adult fantasy books yet, but I loved The Final Empire, Ship of Magic and The Lies of Locke Lamora!

    Sorry I got carried away. Look at your 2 books ahead of your reading challenge already! Beast-mode :) NetGalley... ahhhh gotta get to that to! Thank you fro the reminder! :)