Sunday, 2 December 2018

Sunday Post #41

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I've been stressed out for days because I have two meetings next week which means I will have to stay at school for two long extra afternoons and since I literally never have enough time to sleep on Tuesday due to my teaching schedule, the fact that I have to stay the entire day is stressing me out terribly.

Blog and books

I have good news! I finally read something this week! Which means I read one book in November after all and I have already read two books in December! I hope this means that my reading slump is gone!

I also posted a Stacking the Shelves post yesterday!

Movies and TV Shows

I finished watching Hyde, Jekyll and I, I liked it but the last couple of episodes didn't add much too the story and could have been wrapped up in less than an hour.

I also started watching Rooftop Prince, which is fun.

I also watched The Silence of the Lambs again with my father. I really love that film!

What did you read or watch recently?

As always please leave some recommendations on what I should read or watch next! 

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Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. I just watched Gone with Amanda Seyfried. It was very slow at the beginning but the ending was awesome!

  2. Oh hope your meetings aren't too bad next week. That does sound like a long day!

    I didn't watch much this week except a little Riverdale and The Gifted (trying to catch up!)

  3. Sorry that life has been stressful, but yay for finishing books! Slumps are awful. Hopefully it’s over. Have a great week!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. Sorry to hear you are stressed and tires! I hope you get to relax and rest soon. Recommendations? Let's see.. I REALLY loved the two first episodes of The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu) and Nightflyer (Syfy). There is also Vikings! :)

  5. My strategy is just to take a day at a time and think it's only one day and I can do anything for one day. Before I know it, the dreaded day is over. I hope you have a great week and this month with time to relax and read. I don't find much time to watch tv or movies. I tend to listen to audiobooks instead or just read. Anne - Books of My Heart